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Living On Strategy " Teacher Contract" SMP

(Descriptive Study About Living On Strategy and
Economics Social Life of Teacher Contract or Teacher Assist and Teacher of Honourer or Erratic Teacher, SMP Country in South Surabaya)
Priyo Sudarmanto

This erudite focus article, lifting about contract teacher living on strategy, and or teacher of honourer SMP Country in Surabaya South, in interrogating life of its economics. Research subject is seven contract teacher residing in at area focus research, taken by purposive. Research method usage qualitative with approach of ethnography. Theory framework use survival mechanism theory, adaptation strategy theory, theory of coping strategy, and theory social exchange and also theory transfer of symbol. Met by some strategy practiced by teacher contract for example, economic strategy: side job, diversified by work, enterpreneur; consumption strategy: purchasing of seconds, discount, undercut, black market; social strategy: affiliation to organizational forum, family network, friendship; other strategy: health area through medication of alternative, puskesmas, KB, entertainment amusement, music and humor, religious service and prayer, and also behavior digress
Keyword: Teacher Contract, living on strategy

Definition Teacher contract in this case is to relate at, first strata that is, teacher of honourer erratic teacher or (GTT) or of treatise devote as lowest strata, while second strata is, teacher assist or teacher contract as middle strata. Converse to regarding contract teacher, hence inseparable by conversing to regarding the condition of economic social of interesting and unique them to be studied.
Though stratified lower contract teacher from at teacher remain to, but there is same responsibility. Sometimes when contract teacher interest questioned, for example about qualification and his/its professionalism that is less. There are also some contract teacher representing title sales grad, as well as there are ascription that becoming teacher contract only as stepping point to become teacher stare at PNS.
The Oblique chop also jointly with discrimination and exploitation structurely, for example about salary learn honourer which still under UMR, teacher salary assist which sometimes also delay payment until some month or in back pay, circumlocutary bureaucracy system when managing something as for lifting, SK, salary, etcetera, come up with more school relief fund is allocation for the student of just indigent. Their Incentive funds sometimes also have to be cut to this that, Iease, corruption, and others.
Condition of all economic social of and insuffiency of jointly by behavior cornering like that, in the end make out for contract teacher stand at bay life. As a educator usually they have side job by giving lession, there is also which affiliate with courses places or of LBB (Institute Tuition Learn). But there is also teacher contract conducting extreme living on strategy, for example attractively rent motorcycle in moment after teaching, there are also teacher contract becoming pedicab worker to add production. In Jakarta, a teacher of honourer have side job as garbage pick up, while in Field, a teacher of honourer become pimp of PSK ABG. The creativity teacher do not actualization pass method teach it, but how he/she can linger, can give its wife child maintenance, so that kitchen still able to crowd together or can remain to eat, though road the gone through is road which do not habit, even bump moral values.
Research concerning living on strategy have done many, among others accurate Diba Kurniasari about household survival mechanism woman of informal worker singgle parent, which conclude adjustment of x'self to existing condition, passing variously of working activity, and consumption minimize, and requirement of fundamental as survival mechanism. Novi Aneke pass research about impecunious family survival mechanism of victim of PHK find that, survival mechanism done with searching the source of new production of formal goodness and also privatery, exploiting of family member labour, consumption minimize, thrift of expenditure, pawn, and have recourse to social network. Research of Wiyar Santo entitling adaptation strategy mineworker of brimstone in mount of Welirang, please find that their strategy is by forming of social organization, society, tightening communal string and co-operation as economic system. Research of Mardiharini about family coping strategy in looking after prosperity as long as economic crisis in Indonesia, please find that for living on by lessening frequency eat, amount eat, changing over at cheap and lowgrade mark, lessening fish consumption and flesh, and improve soybean cake consumption, tempe, sale of asset, debt to friend or brother, exploiting of KB and of raskin (rice for impecunious people).
Phenomenon teacher contract is usually seen from the aspect of look into educational, differing from the mentioned, this is research more studying from the aspect of look into its living on strategy. Differ from other research, where more living on strategy applied by absolute impecunious faction them. At this research of living on strategy dug from them teacher contract representing middle faction
This research aim to express how living on strategy and life of economic social of teacher contract SMP Country in Surabaya South. Expected by this research can be useful as input and reference to relevant side and practitioner is its area in intake of policy, and give contribution to academic circle to develop is same study later on day.

Study Book
To analyze field finding use theory framework transfer of social, its teacher contract with his/its social environment, that goodness per individual and also with structure supra. Theory social exchange sees between behaviors with environment there is relation that is influencing each other (reciprocal). In the relation there are reward element, sacrifice, and advantage. Rewards represent every thing that is obtained through sacrifice, sacrifice represents matter avoided, and advantage is reward lessened by sacrifice. A contract teacher shows a positive value or behavior so that can be assumed to have interest, by way of doing best to school and pupil. Hence one who sees it will assess positively of contract teacher, if which assessing of school as supra structure, hence school will give reward of extrinsic, like lengthening of a period of/to contract, and also intrinsic, that is confession that the contract teacher have interest. But to show the behavior through sacrifice, like time duration become teacher of honourer, is later then lifted to become contract teacher, sufficient and so on, honourablely which is accepted which enough a few/little. There is at one time learn Iucky contract by experiencing of time duration which short relative, that thing represent advantage and very hungered for by is although seldom happened.
Living on strategy teacher contract in analysis use three theory related to living on strategy, for example adaptation strategy theory which used many by anthropological scientist, second is survival mechanism theory which used many by sociology scientist, both of the theory is also used in natural philosophy that is biology, third is theory of coping strategy which used many by psychology scientist and of social scientist which peculiarly conserned at problem of poorness. Third of the theory though differ name but its of is same him. Adaptation strategy for example, more relate to strategy face the change in long-range with aim to strengthen the source of life. Coping Strategy is behavioral strategy that used to face facts of everyday life that entangle idea, feeling, in stacking the cards to through skilled which studied to pass experience, perception, and socialization. Survival mechanism is all activity when facing difficult moments to be life of his family remains to continue to walk. Visible that strategy coping more micro having the character of which represent responce short-range every individual in overcoming economic difficulty especially the problem of food, while adaptation strategy and survival mechanism more macro having the character of in face of long-range change to strengthen the source of its life. At previous solution have examplize some contract teacher living on strategy which common in character extreme until. As an educator usually they give privat lession, collective les, or join with at courses places as profession peripheral. But there is also becoming worker of rent motorcycle, pedicab worker, garbage picks up, etcetera is. Assorted is way of to be able to live on, from conventional come up with infiltrating moral values, of big small things until, from which (it) is true really significance come up with less of significance, but any that is proper living on strategy in apresiation. In this research, researcher alone to living on strategy become some category, for example economic strategy, consumption strategy, social strategy, and others strategy including health strategy, entertainment amusement, and religiusity of disorder.
Life of economic social of contract teacher is not be absolute impecunious but not is rich, teacher contract is middle faction or in concept of Marxist is small bourgeois. Teacher contract position which is subordinated by bureaucracy system and or system of supra structure make conscious them and criticize, but in is same moment of them also drape expectation to supra structure, expected by setled condition is strunggle by refinement pass to drive a bargain and draw to postpone old ones and tire. Many teacher contract which have year decades not yet also [in] lifting, but remain to be devoted to devoted x'self, although in its inmost liver hide disappointment. Their struggle does not be done articulately, but by just partial is, they also hesitate to go out from that profession and make a move at more promising profession.
Teacher contract position which non-proletarian class but also non-bourgeois class, making they show him pass symbol, image, and sign differentiating x'self with other society in general. Purchasing or certain objects consumption, earns construct that them is different separate class with his society. Then they buy less goods of substantive, and just for on view as prestige, and their life style status. Though they is middle-weight which is nota bene not yet is in abundance, but can sweep away x'self at extase consume for the shake of class identity and his status, forgetting conflict in fact between proletarian and bourgeois in spectacles of Marxist.

This Research use natural or naturalistic paradigm, hence method weared by is qualitative, because more adaptive when dealing with double facts, and wish description broaderly and circumstantial about research focus. This research use approach of ethnography, because wishing description concerning meaning from all data, cultural, habit, and also important event morely detail.
Depiction of out for research result of holistic through intensive observation. Location the selected is some SMP Country in South Surabaya specially rayon of III, with research subject which in taking by purposive at each assumed school can deputize. From eight planned to be subject to be taken, in the reality only in earning six plus one result of expansion to other rayon which still in Surabaya South.
Technique data collecting besides observation also with interview use guidance of interview. Observation divided to become two that is, what straightforward by request permit research subject and which behind back which is done without the knowledge research subject. At the (time) of first time come, researcher bring present to carry on of interview process. Interview done besides at home research subject, is also done by in school as workplace of subject research. Old of research around five months commencing from research proposal agreed. Difficulty faced by is time to conduct meeting with research subject which uncertain effect of work load of him at work of side job and also fundamental. Besides also find difficulties in diging data about living on strategy representing ignominy, because can allude to research subject. Matter that's able to become diffraction in research, diffraction also happened moment interview in school, because its coleages intervence or bother the way interview.
Interview in record use tape of recorder, anomalous and unique momentums which is have living on strategy pattern to in photo with camera, and appearance, nature of, personality, informan expression or mimick of record by memory feel and researcher empathy to be poured into field notes. Field note then will give by coding to facilitate cathegorization. Credibility test conducted by consultancy or discussion with counsellor lecturer, coleage, or one who is assumed to have special capability and also comprehend the problem of accurate. Researcher also asks confirmation to subject about obtained data or research confirmability. Some informan also hanker to check according to among written data and interview or trianggulation.

Research entitling teacher living on strategy contract this SMP Country take seven variant of subject research. Seven the variant for example 1) teacher assist men married 2) teacher assist woman married 3) teacher assist woman of bachelor 4) teacher honourer man married 5) teacher honourer man bachelor 6) teacher honourer woman married, and 7) teacher honourer woman of bachelor. Do not its it him teacher assist bachelor men because variant is rareness, because quicker men relative to immediately have to family, while teacher assist is second strata after honourer, at second strata usually the people have and have family, from at first strata which still pertained young and not yet married. In general their profile shall be as follows:
A. Teacher assist men married
At this variant of researcher get acquainted with a mathematics subject teacher which old age 39 year. He represents grad of IKIP PGRI Surabaya. Owning a laboring wife at a plastic factory and still not yet had to look-after child. Have more or less fifteen year serve to become teacher. Moment early becoming former teacher only employed by Rp90.000 hitherto become teacher assist in salary of Rp710.000. Eight times follow CPNS test remain not get away. He also often become funder of done by events is FKGBI, because besides becoming teacher he also entrepreneur pick up of ex- hardboard, ex- motor sales, car rental, besides also give private lession. Their houses of type 60 credit of KPR in Sidoarjo, but also still often remain with old fellow in Surabaya. Debt Receivable prefers to at bank institution from at to individual, and often mortage to close over its requirement. Have habit travel far gone up motorbike although have two car. Like to buy morning newspaper which in selling noon. Its wife like to make snack to in easygoing moment consumption between two lights, its wife also often buy bulk-cooking oil in traditional market. This teacher also takes a fancy to music and humor as entertainment amusement. Planting various productive crops in its house yard to be consumed by xself. Applying of KBK by this teacher is conducted flexiblely, because owning insuffiency and excess.
B. Teacher assist woman married
At this variant of researcher get acquainted with a physics subject teacher which old age 30 year. He/She represents grad of IKIP Country of Surabaya or of UNESA. Owning a husband who is having profession to as lecturers in UNESA, owning two children, what is one girl have entered second and school age of boy that still baby. Have eight year served to become teacher and always follow CPNS test per annum. Become member of FKGBI only quiesently. Besides teaching him also give private lesssion, its residence status still contract. Its Cookery appetite is spinach transparent vegetable, vegetable of tewel re-heated otherwise used up today to be consumed by day morrow. Ms. this teacher takes a fancy to nostalgia songs, collect CD and VCDs his most is becoming piracy all. Have exploited co-operation service go to school to owe, less so associate with neighbour because feeling as visitor. Business have sell product shoe of Magetan which in selling to school, but child since both delivering birth the business discontinued. Ms. this teacher apply KBK according to guide of execution, is though confessed by system is costly. Its Electrics house MCB is divided to become two as regulator.
C. Teacher assist woman bachelor
At this type of researcher get acquainted with a mathematics subject teacher which old age 37 year. She is grad of Udayana and have nine year serve to become teacher. He/She still remain one roof with parent and some its family. Every there is recruitment of CPNS she always following him. Following FKGB only limited to passive member. Ms. this teacher express that many conflict of interest that happened in their school, one another is each other project, but she do not dare to be critical because getting psychological pressures. Ms. this teacher like to exploit co-operation, because its dead life of co-operation is from there is do not it him one who exploit it. When taking the air she prefers to stop by to cloister booths or depot, from at to fast food restaurant. She also hobby make snack to be consumed by xself, particularly again when feast day of Ramadan. Telephone set of this family only can accept just call. Usage of water of PAM just for ripe requirement and drink, while for bath enough with well water. She also follows distributed MLM CNI to school and in consumption alone. She have hobby of singing therefore, spare time moment karaoke as entertainment amusement. She also often visits Gembong market to look for clothess is rest of export. To him of KBK can make student more creative and active and upgrade its SDM instructor, because teacher more (be) free to in developing idea, method, and way of teaching each.
D. Teacher honourer man married
At this type of researcher get acquainted with a biological subject teacher which old age 37 year. He represents University grad of Muhamaddiyah Surabaya, owning a laboring wife in RSUD Dr Soetomo, while its child newly one old age six year. Its residence still one building with parent by in partition. Learn this honorer besides teaching in country also teaches in private sector. He represent critical person, several times protest to school to claim its rights. Though every there is CPNS test always follow, but remain to be sceptic with its result. Expense for the electrics of, water, and idol still telephone with its parent. Joke with fresh humor-humor represent its habit at the opposite of coherent and critical attitude. Religious service and prayer become coolant of liver in difficult moments, he also amen an ihtiar to get bliss of world. Owning customer booths overselling is cheap. Like saved seconds hand goods on the chance of in a moment possible can be utilized. Collection of CD and VCD it also piracy all. When hitting traffic fault he ask clarification clearly its mistake will and is better of conference. For him KBK do not in line with its idealist, because this system only project of plagiarism from outside country making a teacher have to assign value fictious is so that assumed by competence, so that the more its lie from at really is educating of nation.
E. Teacher honourer bachelor men
At this variant of researcher get acquainted with a sport subject teacher that still old age 26 year. Collegiate of UNESA this come from Bojonegoro and in Surabaya reside together its. Besides teaching in country he also teach in private sector. He also assists its effort of him as organizer of rental and typing of computer. This teacher represents person owning performance and dedication that is high to be, shown with discipline, livelines, and its devotion to school. He expresses often indebt to playmates to answer the demand of its requirement. Often change repeatedly new HP although second and or goods of black market. Also often visit flea market to buy motorbike spare part, because him have hobby modify motor, the motor is motor property of grandfather. Have habit of tide of togel begining since SMA. According to young man which do not like music of dangdut this, collection of CD and VCD it him become piracy all. In cleaning or ordinary flatiron without using deodorant and also softener. This young teacher likely also less comprehending about meaning of KBK.
F. Teacher honourer woman married
At this variant of researcher get acquainted with a biological subject teacher which old age 29 year. Grad of IKIP PGRI Adibuana or of UNIPA (University Science Education of Adibuana) this have of husband to a private sector employees in electronic super market, having two child people, first of woman old age five year and secondly also woman old age two year. Woman of Krian this before now also teaches in SD and give private lession, but after having child both of activity that is discontinuing. She is with friends learn honorer in its found internal bevy of teacher of honorer which is informal in character. House contract him/it seen fewer ideals because too narrow and less maintained. Mother husband learn this open electronic service at home. Both of them also follow distributed MLM CNI in school and also at work husband. According to this Glen Fredly fans, if buying goods like to look for places overselling cheap by circling ahead, to compare, or look for information of friends about where cheap place. Ms. this teacher of active to kampong environment also follows PKK and pengajian as social network. Often make snack to husband and children, from at buying. For him save is to old day, therefore she does not make ATM. For him KBK is learning with interest many game so that pupil is not saturated.
G. Teacher honourer woman of bachelor
At this variant type of researcher get acquainted with a biological subject teacher that still old age 24 year. Girl birth of Blora is collegiate of UNESA, in Surabaya remain with uncle. She has high devotion and dedication to school. Mandate to move forward protege pass the project of KIR (adolescent Erudite Masterpiece) as extraculiculer, so that SSN predict (Standart National School) The SMP stand at bay. Its earnings apart from salary learn project and honourer of KIR, she also earn bonus of money of lab, and give private lession. Usually if we like to get morale support and also belly ache, more optingly of moment friend of SMA or moment friend of college first. As a new girl bolt adult, he/she take a fancy to hit songs like Peterpan, clothes consumption or accessories of fashion, although goods of discount and or dummy. She also express fasting of senen kamis, night sholat and of dzikir to lighten mind burden besides to launch intention. KBK for him[s claim physic of interactive to draw attention student, the physics costly for that can interrogate by exploiting environment around.

At the (time) of this research of salary a teacher assist is Rp710.000, while salary a teacher of honourer vary around Rp300.000 until Rp450.000, much more low from UMK or of UMR town of Surabaya Rp685.500. Though employ teacher assist higher a little from UMR town of Surabaya, but them express the earnings not yet enough, more than anything else at earnings of teacher of honourer, more insufficient again, particularly in them that have and have child responsibility. At teacher type assist men married, representing subject owning first strata which is richest to be, caused by besides becoming teacher he/she also represent entrepreneur of subsistence, not yet owned child and have owned house though not yet used up its instalment. Second strata occupied by teacher type assist woman married, because at this subject have a lecturer husband owning earnings of practical routine, besides giving les, owning two residence and child still contract. Third strata occupied by teacher of honourer men married, can be seen from though honorer he/she also teach in two place and give les and also its wife as employees of RSUD, owning one child and remain with parent. At teacher type assist and bachelor woman represent fourth strata, because besides teaching in school, he/she also give collective lession at home, and living together with parent. Occupied by fifth strata of teacher of honorer woman married, because sustained from earnings of husband as private sector employees, its child two and contracted house. Occupied by Sixth strata of teacher of honourer bachelor men, where though honorer, but teaching in two place, and reside with aunt. Seventh strata which is lowest to be, occupied by teacher of honourer bachelor woman, where its earnings only from salary of honorer and give private lession, and reside with uncle.
Most subjects express to give dedication and his devotion for school, that thing fair so that school side can look into positively of them, so that a period to its contract can be lengthened, thanks if lifted to become PNS. Ironically though they is have high dedication to but is still spragged by bureaucracy system, for example its salary which is back pay effect of fund stream which chok up, school more is paying attention of teacher of honourer compared to teacher assist, while government more is paying attention of teacher assist compared to teacher of honourer. When analysed to use theory transfer of social, a teacher show dedication, quality of, and its interest so that getting positive apressiation from which see it, which is expected by the teacher is reward, both for intrinsic like confession that he have the quality of good, and also which is extrinsict in the form of lengthening of a period to contract by school side, even lifting of status by government. Dedication and discipline represent sacrifice (cost) to get reward. Time duration old ones to wait lifting also represent sacrifice, if the time duration can minimize, hence will represent advantage (profit). Advantage is reward lessened by sacrifice. Routine always to follow CPNS test represent effort for minimize of sacrifice, because sacrifice which long so honourablely which small relative they do not take a fancy to. They is also inebriated by governmental promise that any teacher will be lifted to become PNS, causing they experience of spurious awareness and make blunt critical attitude of him. System of KBK is also loaded by element exploit to pupil and also teacher, teacher cannot help assign value fictious in order not to in chop do not competence, while pupil which is indigent economical and also by intellegence, have to reduce average use system of KBK, because is costly of him of expense of peripheral of supporter and is stiff of assessment him.
In living on strategy, earn cathegorize become economic strategy, consumption strategy, social strategy, and others strategy. Economic strategy more interconnected about interrogating the condition of economics, alternative livelihood or side job. As a teacher hence more obvious is to give les by private and also is collective, except that thing is at type learn bachelor men honourer, do not give les because background study it that is by penjaskes sport. At teacher type assist woman of bachelor, giving les collectively its house, while other by private. At type learn good men honorer do marry and also bachelor, they teach at two place, so that its bigger earnings. At type learn woman honorer do marry and teacher assist woman of bachelor, follow in business of MLM CNI. Diversify work more visible at teacher assist men married, besides giving les he/she also have the effort car rental, ex- motor sales, and pick up of pasteboard or hardboard. Exploiting of co-operation go to school to owe more seen in them which is woman, that is teacher assist woman of bachelor and also do marry and teacher of honorer woman do. There residence status marry also vary, at teacher assist its house bachelor men have owned by xself although its credit instalment not yet keel. Teacher assist woman do marry and teacher of honourer woman do its house marry of contract. At teacher of honorer men married and teacher assist woman of bachelor still one roof with parent, while at teacher of honorer more opting bachelor men and also woman follow the relative of at in the kost.
Strategy consume more at living on strategy action in the case of purchasing of life reguirements, and also action, activity, or different habit with society in general in answering the demand of requirement of life. Ownership of vehicle motorize to teacher of honourer bachelor men is borrowed from its grandfather. At teacher assist men married is more opting of credit because the motor vehicle is car. Purchasing of goods of second secondhand or showed by at subject learn good bachelor honourer of woman and also men, in the case of purchasing of hand phone, while teacher assist woman of bachelor, met by purchasing of ex- clothes or rest of export by visiting flea market. Teacher assist woman married also involve purchasing of ex- motor. Goods consumption undercut or discounted to be to be showed in them which is woman either from teacher assist and also teacher of honourer, good of bachelor and also married. Met also practice purchasing of goods of black market by teacher of honourer bachelor men in the case of purchasing of HP. Although less significance, met also practice purchasing of goods of deformed, dummy, low grade goods, bulk cooking oil, collection of CD or of VCD become steel, exploiting of house yard cultivated by system join with others gist, heating again cookery which do not used up to be consumed by day morrow, simple cookery menu consumption which less fulfilling of gizi standart, etcetera.
Social strategy is all living on strategy action in contact with social environment, for example relation between individual with aim to for living on. For them learn to assist, affiliate at so called organizational forum of FKGBI (Forum Communications Teacher Assist Indonesia), though only going with the stream quiesently, except that teacher subject assist men married often become funder or donor to activitys of good FKGBI of meeting events and also demonstrations. At type learn woman honourer married more opting make informal forum in internal is school. When them look for morale support and also of material more opting to parent or family, except that at young faction like teacher of honourer good bachelor of woman and also men, searching morale support at moment friend of SMA or moment friend of college first. In them woman which have, braiding good relation with environment or neighbour around house represent added value, they follow pengajian, PKK a saving club and others as social network. They also show harmonious relation with pupils so that all pupils also reciprocates with positive value.
Others strategy represent corps of living on strategy in health area, entertainment amusement, religiusity, and behavior digress. For the men who have married more opting follow program of KB to limit the amount of child. When ordinary pain of them let ahead hard otherwise, but exploiting of puskesmas represent first road. Medication of more alternatives at self-supporting medication practice like squeezing and kerokan, is but met also consume herbal medicine. At teacher type assist men do, marry to be met by exploiting of medication of alternative by visiting paranormal. Music become entertainment amusement for them, especially soft lilting music type, romantic, and nostalgia. When the other only just listening is, at teacher type assist woman of bachelor, hobby of karaoke and of singing accompanied by electone. They also take a fancy to humor in television, while which have owned child, their child become and entertainer of enthusiasm to continue struggle of life. All research subject also express religious service and prayer as coolant of liver and become motivation for living on. Met also behavior digress which is to learn bachelor men honorer, that is practice of togel, while at type learn men honourer married, amen practice in demand or ihtiar to increase degree of life, during is harmless of others and on the basis of Al-Quran (a kind of pesugihan).
This research subject is middle faction or petty bourgeos; they are non-proletarian class and also bourgeois class. Though he/she is aware of discrimination and exploitation making them then behaves critically, but at the same time of them also drape expectation to setled condition of supra structure. Because there special position then they is different separate class construct from at the other class. Their life style show certain meanings returning of, but its tendency is in them which still is young the than teacher of honorer good bachelor of woman and also men. They is a more regular change repeatedly HP though HP second and or market black, though HP old ones still can be utilized. At teacher of honorer woman also take a fancy to mode gentian of fashion of clothes until accessories though sometime dummy. Most subject also collect CD/ VCD piracy, their music appetite also non-music most folk music. All that mainstream can for the shake of prestige, status, life style, what on view and expected to earn construct that them is different special class with proletarian class, even wish to come up to bourgeois class. Finally then they is trapped in current consume capitalism. The so small earnings do not sort to consume goods which non subtile. Strategy living on is but nullified by life style.

Teacher contract it is true non-pertained absolute impecunious faction society, if living on strategy is usually applied by impecunious faction society. But non-meaning teacher contract really free from poorness gin, so that need earnings addition. Teacher contract is faction petty of distinguished bourgeois with not yet owned independence and still base on structure supra. In this case of teacher contract progressively drape expectation to structure supra always follow in CPNS test.
Discrimination and exploitation to teacher contract mirror at treatment of more paying attention government of teacher assist from at teacher of honourer, and deliver teacher of honourer to authority of is each school. Governmental also promise if all teacher assist will be lifted slowest 2010. Government also prohibits recruitment of teacher of honourer new. Its remuneration also late sometime and in back pays. From side school more is paying attention of teacher of honorer compared to teacher assist. School also less informative to teacher assist important news problem of diknas.
As a teacher, dominant living on strategy and significance is by giving private lession and also is collective. Some also teach in two places at the same time. There are also owning to be diversified by effort and exploiting of co-operation go to school in them which is woman. Certain goods consumption also in a state of secondhand. All women take a fancy to goods undercut and discounted. To be met also purchasing of goods of black market. Organizational forum of organization become place to affiliate passive though. At young faction, searching support of morale and of material to playmate, friend of SMA or moment friend of collage former. For the man who have family, following program of KB to guarantee its childs future. Exploiting of puskesmas will be more cheaper. Medications of alternative more have self-supporting medication pattern to like squeezing and kerokan. Music and humor become entertainment amusement in moment long. Entire research subject express that religious service and prayer can become coolant of motivation and liver. Behavioral digress to be shown with practice install togel. Life style they earn to differentiate with other class, sown pass symbols of is ownership of HP, fashion, accessories, music appetite etcetera, what tend to practice by them that is young faction.
Though in some cases learn to assist to become object exploit and discrimination, but they also have ability as subject able to control their x'self become better economical. Strategy living on is usually applied by impecunious society, in the reality at middle faction also applying it. Question return to emerge, do at upper crust also apply behavior, habit, and or culture which is have living on strategy pattern to. Researcher suggest the study

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